Well-tolerated, research-based and clinically proven non-drug healthcare products that care for ear-nose-throat, paediatric and skin

VSMY’s nasal and ear care product portfolio includes safe, effective, simple and affordable solutions for nasal and ear care, as well as wart remover products that have been scientifically researched and validated to be high-quality and reliable for babies, children9 and adults. Each product developed is subjected to robust clinical trials which comply with best practices in clinical research, and partnerships with research teams and hospitals.

VSMY is partnering with France’s Laboratoire de la Mer, the leading brand in Europe for the manufacturing of seawater-based healthcare products for the respiratory system, to offer an array of healthcare products and solutions that can enhance and improve the quality of life.

At the heart of the Saint-Malo bay, with special access to a marine sampling site, Laboratoire de la Mer has developed a unique manufacturing method to take advantage of the benefits the marine world and seaweed can provide in improving healthcare, particularly in ENT and paediatrics.

  • Certification NF EN ISO 13 485
  • Pharmaceutical site authorised by ANSM (France’s national medicine safety agency)
  • Made in France and audits by the major names in French pharmacy

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